Catholic vs Christian

I reached out awhile ago and asked what misconceptions people heard about the Catholic faith, also known as Catholicism. One question kept popping up: Is Catholicism separate from Christianity? Short answer: No. Catholicism is the oldest form of Christianity. Just like Protestantism and Eastern Orthodox, Catholicism is a Christian religion. Catholicism dates back to the [...]

The Problem with Mary

It baffles me when I hear, "Mary was just an average earthly person."  Wait, what? Seriously, I scratch my head whenever I hear this. Many non-Catholics throw Mary aside saying her only role was delivering Jesus. Again, scratching my head. Mary of Nazareth, Holy Mother of God, Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Assumption, [...]

I Dread Confession

I dread going to Confession. Not quite the statement  you were expecting, huh? Let me clarify: I dread it, but I don't hate it. I love  Confession when it’s all said and done, but I dread confessing my sins out loud. Silly, huh? Jesus knows our sins; He died for the bajillion sins you and I choose [...]

When God Sends You A Sign

Have you ever asked God for a sign? A few years ago, on a ferry trip across the Mobile Bay, I asked God for what seemed like an impossible sign. See, I love dolphins. They’re beautiful creatures and a rarity to see (at least for me during my previous beach trips). I asked God on [...]

Tell My Daughters

Tell My Daughters As the first post on Faith Over Coffee, I wanted it to be significant. For the past few months I've gone back and forth with wanting to start a website. My only issue was I didn't know what exactly. I started a personal faith blog that went nowhere a few years ago [...]