We all need to be reminded that we were made for and called to Love.

Sunday Gospels have never stuck out to me more than this last one did from Mark 10:2-16. It pertained to marriage and divorce – a topic for another day. The verse that stood out to me the most was:

“Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate.” Mark 10:9

Think about that verse for a few seconds.

We are made in His image. But it’s important to know that it is okay to not have it all together.


"I want to be pursued."

How many of you have said those words? How many times have you thought those 5 little meaningful words?

Growing up, we were surrounded by movies and television shows where a young woman was pursued by the man of her dreams. We grew up thinking that men needed to pursue us and not the other way around. But we live in a society where times are different; a woman can pursue a man just like a man can pursue a woman. Which often gets very complicated in the dating scene. We look at others in relationships and want what they have, but are often not looking at what, or who, is right in front of us.

What if I told you a man was pursuing you and has been for years?... [read more...]


"Just start," I heard him say. That Sunday, sitting in adoration after church, I kept asking the Lord what I was supposed to write and share with you all. Immediately the words came.

Tell my daughters that everything is going to be okay. Not to worry or stress. I have a man, if they are called to marriage, for each of them. Only when, and only then, when I think they are ready, I will reveal.
For you must... [read more...]



Stop thinking, "When will it be my turn?"

Stop dictating your relationship with Christ around who you're going to marry.

Stop looking at every guy and thinking, "He could be The One."

Stop manipulating your relationship with Him around a guy you've never met.

Be still my daughter. In order to know him, you must know me.

If you have ever thought or done the above, you're not alone. I know I have more than once. But stressing over it and saying, "Well if I do X for you, will you tell me?" or "God, I've done X, Y and Z. Can I know now?" will not give you an answer. [read more...]