The Problem with Mary

It baffles me when I hear, "Mary was just an average earthly person." 

Wait, what? Seriously, I scratch my head whenever I hear this. Many non-Catholics throw Mary aside saying her only role was delivering Jesus. Again, scratching my head.

Mary of Nazareth, Holy Mother of God, Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Assumption, The New Eve, Our Lady, Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church, Mother of divine grace, Queen of Heaven, Mother of Our Creator, etc.

Those are just the many names given to Mother Mary.

Mary had one of THE most important roles in all of Christianity. She said "yes" to God. The first one to verbally do so. The problem with Mary is she is not talked about enough.

"All generations will call me blessed." Luke 1:48

Reading the prophetic message, pause and think, "Do I call Mary blessed?"

If you answered "no," then you are missing a vital meaning in salvation history.

She is the New Eve, the original tabernacle, the New Ark of the Covenant...Jesus' first disciple. God didn't use her and cast her aside. I won't possibly be able to sum all of this up in this blog post (so subscribe to the series "Catholicism Over Coffee" where I plan to go into Mary's role more) but I do want to touch on Mary during this season of Lent.

First and foremost, Mary is a mother. She's the mother of Jesus and our Heavenly mother. She reigns as the Queen of Heaven from a simple "yes" to God. For in the first century, it is the Queen Mother who reigns with her son, the King. 

Like a mother, she is there to catch us when we fall, comfort us when we are down and nurture us as only a mother could do. Without Mary, we don't know Jesus. And without Jesus, we don't know the Father. It is through Mary's "yes" to God that we have eternal life through their son, Jesus Christ.

As a mother, she had to watch her only son suffer and die for our sins so that we might be with God forever. Her son gave her to his disciple while on the cross and in turn gave her to us. 

She continues to watch her children suffer through sin every single day. But it is through Mary that we come to know her son in a new way. 

We are going to stumble through our Lenten journey this year; some of us may even fall. Remember that no sin of ours is too big for God to handle. The most important thing is receiving His love and passing it on to others. He sees you and me walk this path but He isn't the only one. 

We have a father, a mother and a brother through Christ to help us on our path to holiness.

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