When God Sends You A Sign

Have you ever asked God for a sign?

A few years ago, on a ferry trip across the Mobile Bay, I asked God for what seemed like an impossible sign. See, I love dolphins. They’re beautiful creatures and a rarity to see (at least for me during my previous beach trips).

I asked God on that ferry ride to show me a dolphin; if He hears my prayers, to please show me a dolphin. I desperately wanted to see one swim alongside the ferry as I overlooked the bay that afternoon. It was one of those moments where I needed Him to show me a sign that He was listening; I needed physical proof even though in my heart I knew God was always there. I was testing Him and in turn, He was testing my faith. 

So, all week when my friends and I were at the beach, I would always look out towards the ocean waiting and waiting to see a dolphin. Endlessly walking up and down the shore talking to Him. And each time I was disappointed when none showed.

The second to last day, I attended mass and again, I asked Him for that sign. I hit a rough patch in my faith and just wanted to shout, “God are you even listening to me? Why do you keep putting me through this? You know my heart’s desires…so why does it seem like its within reach only to be pulled back again? Do you even hear my prayers?”

Now, I didn’t get an answer then as much as I would have liked to hear the voice of God (que the voice of Morgan Freeman), but it did feel good to get off of my chest. At that point, my hopes of seeing a dolphin on this trip were waning.

The last night of the trip, I decided to set my alarm to go off before sunrise the next morning. Since I never saw a dolphin during the afternoon or in the evenings, I figured one last time in the morning couldn’t hurt.

Waking up before sunrise while trying not to wake the whole house up, I grabbed my camera bag and walked down to the shore. As I walked the beach that morning, under a colorful sky with a bleak of sun poking out, I prayed.

At that point, I gave up hope of seeing a dolphin. But I came to terms and knew that God does hear my prayers. And as frustrating as it is to not get a solid answer, He does let us know in His timing.

And boy did He let me know.

Not even 10 minutes later did I look up to see a fin poke out of the water. Now my first thought was, “Oh great, it’s a shark!” but on further inspection I noticed it breaching. And then I saw another fin breach…and another…and another, until I counted five to seven dolphins total. God didn’t send me one, oh no, He sent me a whole pod! And it didn’t stop there. Soon after, one leaped out of the water just at the perfect time my camera's shutter went off.

I smiled from ear-to-ear and may have teared up. Since then, dolphins have been my sign from God. Whether I see them in person on the beach, as a logo on a semi-truck, or anywhere else in this world; I know God has heard my prayers.

Now flash forward to this past weekend. Remember how I said I asked for the impossible?

Hours before I was set to leave the beach, I walked down to the shore after coming back from mass.

As I was laying on my towel at the beach writing, I glanced up just in time to see a fin poke out. Now this was at 11am, way past dawn, so seeing them at this hour was new for me. I happily smiled and watched the small pod swim across my view. I got my dolphin sighting for this trip so I was content. Not even five minutes after they disappeared across the horizon did another dolphin re-appear. Two sightings. Two sightings in a day. I said “Thank you God,” and went back to writing.

While on the ferry, two hours after my dolphin sightings, I was standing against the edge overlooking the bay. My mind went back to my prayers from church that morning and remembered the prayer from two years ago about seeing a dolphin while on the ferry. I never gave up hope that it would happen one day. That day turned out to be today. Two fins breached amid all the boat traffic in the bay.

Three! Three sightings in one day!

You see, God is always listening. He hears our prayers even if they aren’t answered fast enough for us. He is constantly working in our lives.

We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we want answers instantly and feel like if we must wait then it’s not meant to be. Has God answered that prayer of mine? Not yet, but I know He hasn't forgotten and is working daily whether I see it or not. 

The beauty in it all, is its all in God’s timing.

Stop worrying. Stop doubting. Start living. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Stay consistent in prayer and don’t lose faith in the Lord.

You will seek Me and find Me

when you search for Me with all your heart

Jeremiah 29:13

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