How to Stop Dating Mr. Wrongs

How to Stop Dating Mr. Wrongs

Pursue. What does that word even mean? According to, pursue means: to chase after someone or something; to follow in pursuit.

"I want to be pursued."

How many of you have said those words? How many times have you thought those 5 little meaningful words?

Growing up, we were surrounded by movies and television shows where a young woman was pursued by the man of her dreams. We grew up thinking that men needed to pursue us and not the other way around. But we live in a society where times are different; a woman can pursue a man just like a man can pursue a woman. Which often gets very complicated in the dating scene. We look at others in relationships and want what they have, but are often not looking at what, or who, is right in front of us.

What if I told you a man was pursuing you and has been for years? What you may not realize is the one who has been pursuing you is the one who made you.

Use this time to harvest your mind. Grow in me and strengthen your heart against the thorns and burdens. Seek me before everything else. All the stress and feeling you put into a relationship, put into me first. Give me the heartache, confusion, need and loneliness. Give it to me to bear. When the time is right, it will happen. Don’t rush what I have planned. Let me write your love story.

Use your time of singleness to grow and prepare yourself for what God has planned. Pursue Him and Him alone. 

As one of my favorite Facebook pages, InstaGod Ministries has said, "Singleness, it's not a disease. It's not a new discovery. It's an every day experience with God. Adam walked with God daily in the garden working, building, and creating. Note: 1) Adam put God first every day. 2) He spent time with God. 3) He was working. Adam wasn't praying, begging, and crying to God about love. He was so in love and content with God and himself. If I do recall, it was God who saw and suggested it was not good for Adam to be alone, therefore, He created woman. Adam fell into a deep sleep and woke up with a blessing, Eve. God already knows what you need before you need it."


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