Stop thinking about “The One”…there is someone you need to know first


Stop thinking, "When will it be my turn?"

Stop dictating your relationship with Christ around who you're going to marry.

Stop looking at every guy and thinking, "He could be The One." 

Stop manipulating your relationship with Him around a guy you've never met.

Be still my daughter. In order to know him, you must know me.

If you have ever thought or done the above, you're not alone. I know I have more than once. But stressing over it and saying, "Well if I do X for you, will you tell me?" or "God, I've done X, Y and Z. Can I know now?" will not give you an answer.

A few years ago, specifically on Valentines Day, I didn't have a date. All of my friends did, but I was the odd one out. Instead of wallowing, I chose to go to an evening mass. That Valentines Day, I chose Jesus as my date. It was my time alone with Him and since it was the day of love, I specifically asked Him to watch over my future husband wherever he was. So, every year on Valentines Day and even some random days during the week, I have dates with Jesus. It's my time with Him and Him alone.

Have you ever gone on dates with Him? He wants you to; He has already said "yes."

Girl, go put on your perfect outfit, grab those fabulous shoes you just bought, and go meet Him for this wonderful date. 

So where might He be? That depends on where you want Him to be. You can find Him in church. You can find Him in adoration. You can even find Him at your favorite park. He's anywhere you need Him to be; just go and be with Him. If you have never done this, tell Him. All you have to do is say, "Lord, I don't know how, but I want to." Your relationship with Him will be vastly different from someone else's. Get to know Him and your life will change for the better.

Grow close to Him and He will reveal your future husband when He feels you are both ready. I won't lie and say your relationship will be sunshine and rainbows. He will test you and you will get upset with Him; but He loves you unconditionally and will always be there for you. You just need to open that part of your heart and start.

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