Tell My Daughters

Tell My Daughters

As the first post on Faith Over Coffee, I wanted it to be significant. For the past few months I've gone back and forth with wanting to start a website. My only issue was I didn't know what exactly. I started a personal faith blog that went nowhere a few years ago and debated starting a magazine specifically for Christian women. It wasn't until after I moved back to Louisiana in December 2016 that I had the urge to create a website; I just didn't know what.

Flash forward to January 2017 where I thought more of starting my own website. I was unemployed and needed to do something to make money. In my mind, I would open an online store and sell products that I created. I quickly realized how unfulfilling it was and knew I was meant to do something else. I prayed to God for guidance and heard this voice say, "Share my story."

Share my story? But God, that's what the Bible is there for. There are tons of websites for Christians; why do you need me? How will that help me?

For days I kept thinking about different types of websites I could start. Until one day, I went to open my bedroom door and it wouldn't budge. I remembered I put stuff behind my door after I moved back home. Giving it a hard push it finally opened, right as something fell and landed in front of me. That something, was my Bible. I remember just staring at it and shaking my head in disbelief. 

Alright God, I'll do it. I still don't feel qualified over here. How is this going to support me? 

"Just start," I heard him say. That Sunday, sitting in adoration after church, I kept asking the Lord what I was supposed to write and share with you all. Immediately the words came. 

Tell my daughters that everything is going to be okay. Not to worry or stress. I have a man, if they are called to marriage, for each of them. Only when, and only then, when I think they are ready, I will reveal.
For you must find me first above all else. You must grow close to me before I allow a man, one whom I've chosen from Adam, into your life. Then and only then, will he be ready for you, his future wife; your future husband.

I know it was him guiding my hand across that page; people who don't understand may think this is nonsense. But I know differently. And so do you. For when you open your heart up to the Lord, he fills it with all you need to know.

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